To light a candle for our NEDAW 2012 Online Candlelight vigil, please fill out and send the following form:

Lit For: *
(First Name and Last Initial of person for whom you are lighting a candle)
Lit By:
(Your First Name and Last Initial, can be left blank)
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I would like to light a candle for: Remembrance (white): for someone who has lost his/her life to an eating disorder.
Support (silver): for someone who is struggling with an eating disorder.
Celebration (gold): for someone who is in recovery or who has recovered from an eating disorder
Please choose one of the following options: I will attend the Candlelight Vigil on Feb 26th and will light a candle in person. Please also light one online.
Please light candle in honor of the person listed above at the Candlelight Vigil on Feb 26th and online.
I do not want a candle lit at the Candlelight Vigil on Feb 26th, and only want it to be lit online.
If you would like to include a short message with the candle, please leave it here:

Candles will be up on the ALNEDA website from February 26 - March 3, 2012. Thank you for participating.